Friday, April 19, 2013

Good vs Bad

With all of the bad going on in America this week, I'm finding it difficult to spot the good.

Bad: senseless bombings at the Boston Marathon, killing & hurting innocent bystanders
Good: strangers who aren't running away, but running to those who need help. an amazing national anthem at the Bruins game.

Bad: weather. blizzards, flooding & tornadoes throughout the midwest causing mudslides and sinkholes

Bad: explosion at a fertilizer plant in Texas

Good: names and photos of the Boston Marathon attack suspects being released
Bad: more attacks on innocent people. a MIT police officer killed. manhunt for suspect and possible accomplices and Boston on lockdown

Perhaps I'm focusing so much on the bad that I'm blind to all that's good, but watching the news this week has been disheartening, sickening, disturbing..and causing me to simply wonder "why?"

Here are some photos that speak a lot for this week's events:

Friday, April 12, 2013

A Friday Night in April

After having the flu [for the third time this year]/God-knows-what for a week, complete with... least 12 hours of sleep everyday

...eating less than a meal a day

...making it through roughly two and a half days of work

...the weirdest dreams that made absolutely no sense

...getting poked by a [rookie] nurse while being tested for mono, thus resulting in a painful & nasty bruise

...not changing out of my favorite sweats

...watching the opening round of the Masters/too much tv
...I'm finally feeling better. I think. I did get out of the house tonight for a much-needed trip to the mall [retail therapy- a new shirt from Von Maur & candles from Bath & Body] and a much-needed trip to Target for 'groceries' ...

... oh and the new Blake Shelton cd.

Thank God for that 70-degree weather that lasted a day, to be followed by days of clouds & rain, the Masters, the Frozen Four, and great family & friends to help a girl get back on her feet.

Happy weekend.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

The Best Things...

Warning: this post contains very random thoughts.

They say that the best things in life happen when you least expect it. I'm finally starting to believe it.

If I told you the last few months haven't been a struggle at the very least, I'd be lying like a rug. I've done a lot of thinking and spending time trying to figure things out. Aka, wasting my time. Here's what I've concluded...

...the best things in life happen when you least expect it. But then again, so do the worst things. Example: deaths, unemployment...see, here I go thinking too much again.

...challenges in life make us better people.

...being optimistic isn't easy but it sure can make life a lot happier.

...I've been working almost ten years. Ten years! I'm extremely thankful for this because I've become so independent and proud because everything I have, I earned it on my own. This September will mark ten years of being employed, and four years with my current company. Only +/-40 years until retirement.

...I've watched someone die. I've been close to seeing someone be born. These are two very unexplainable experiences. To watch my great grandma take her last breath was so hard, but so good at the same time. She knew I was there, and I know she's in Heaven with her boys, not suffering anymore. moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in awhile, you could miss it. Okay, so maybe Ferris helped me on that one, but it's true. You want proof? I graduated high school almost seven years ago, and college almost two years ago. I've lived in my house for a year and four months. Taysen James turned TWO last week. I'll have two years in my current position in June. And, I'll be 26 in October [golden birthday even!]

...I can no longer eat what I want, when I want, and not gain a pound. I will be going back to Fighterbody to get my ass kicked next week because of this. need to put yourself first in many situations. You can't feel guilty or sacrifice your own happiness. Don't get me wrong, I love to do things for others, but there sometimes comes a point where you just need to say "no" and follow your heart.

...the sun will come out tomorrow and the grass isn't always greener on the other side.