Sunday, September 30, 2012

The Main Event

In my last post, I told you about someone important coming to Waterloo and how I had an amazing work opportunity open up. That important 'someone' was in fact the VP of JD. I'm on the steering committee of an Employee Resource Group called WomenREACH, and the VP is a strong advocate of this group. So strong, that he encouraged a group of roughly 20 women from all over the world to meet for 3 days. To share ideas, goals, best practices and where each REACH group was. We had representatives from Waterloo, Quad Cities/Moline, Germany, Mexico and Brazil. On Monday, we met, did introductions, and got to know each other and about the different REACH groups. We also stopped in to the VP's Extended Staff Meeting to introduce ourselves. To my surprise, my first manager when I was a part-time student [who transferred to Augusta before I landed my full-time job] was sitting in the room!

The last day and a half was spent on leadership presentation and image skills. An outside trainer came in to help us prepare our group to speak in front of the VP's staff on Wednesday. I learned SO much that I wish I could share with you all! We gave a very successful presentation that will hopefully spark some change and interest to help strengthen our groups at the various units.

I'm so blessed to have the job I do and the opportunities to stand up before a group of management like that.

Coming up this week: an Iowa City hat trick!

Monday, September 17, 2012

An Intro...

I really don't have time to dig in to what I want to post right now, so an intro or preview will have to do until I do have a free moment [of which I shouldn't be sleeping, like now.]

An upper-level manager from Germany is in Waterloo this week for his extended staff meeting. I, nor my boss or department, are anywhere close near this 'extended staff', but I do have an amazing opportunity I'm excited to share. Day 1 is complete, and I have a full agenda tomorrow- beginning with an alarm set to [rudely] awake me at 4:30am.

Stay tuned to hear about my newest work adventure, but for now...
Good night, buenas noches, and gute nacht!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Fight, Fight, Fight for Iowa!

My favorite thing about Fall is, hands down, college football. [I am such a dude.] Whether I'm at the stadium tailgating, at the bar anxiously awaiting kickoff, at a [HAWK] party or on my own couch, I'm ready for some football. Every Saturday.

Last Saturday, I greatly enjoyed [that is in fact an understatement] my first trip to Kinnick Stadium. I've been down to Iowa City before to tailgate, but finally stepped foot inside Kinnick. Cross that off my bucket list. And let me tell you, it was everything I've dreamed. And more. While my initial thoughts upon entering Kinnick may be a little foggy [thanks to Moonshine, apple pie, Chi Chi's and Coors Light] the experience is one I'll never forget. Hearing ACDC's Back in Black continued to give me goosebumps even with minutes left in the fourth quarter, down 9-6 to the Cyclones. I didn't witness a Hawkeye touchdown or a Hawkeye win, but I did see a hell of a lot of turnovers. Four for the Hawkeye to be exact, one in each quarter.

Thanks to Aimee for inviting me to my first Iowa game, and thanks to her husband Troy for having to work, giving up his 6th row ticket and missing his first Iowa home game in 16 years. ;)  And thanks to the Brown's, my favorite brothers, for such a fun time tailgating.

Monday, September 10, 2012

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

September is here and I am in heaven with Fall at my fingertips. I can enjoy football, baseball and hockey all in one day. Cool temperatures, warm clothes - scarves, sweaters, boots - colorful, crunchy leaves and what seems like the most beautiful sunrises and sunsets. New decorations around the house in creams, browns, greys, greens and oranges...and maybe a mustard colored pillow if I ever find one! It's my first fall in my new home and I am ready to de-clutter, organize and get things back in order.