Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Growing up isn't easy. In high school, I couldn't wait to graduate and leave the drama and problems behind. Little did I know, drama exists everywhere. It's all how you react to situations and circumstances. And your attitude towards it.

Lately, I've had my patience tested. My attitude. My strength. To be honest, it feels like curveballs are being thrown at my face. I could sit here and feel sorry for myself. Ask "why?" a million times. Or, I could finally start to listen to that smart boyfriend of mine. He once told me, "Challenges in life make us better people." And you know what? He's right. The first boss I had when I started at JD told me something similar a few years ago: "You'll never grow if you don't challenge yourself."

I'm a creature of habit. We all are. Instead of taking risks and trying new things, I stick to what I know and what I'm comfortable with. I refrain from taking on new tasks because I'm afraid to fail. There is honestly no worse feeling than that of disappointment. It's not easy when it comes to making a decision for yourself, especially when it's you and only you who will either suffer or benefit from the consequences.

March has been a long month. I can't wait to end it with a day off from work, of course some hockey, my favorite almost-2-year-old's birthday party, and 50-degree weather this weekend. Bring on April! I'm more than ready.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Relaxing on a half day of vacation.

Recovering from lunch at the Screamin Eagle. [i had the buffalo chicken wrap minus onions, like always.]

.. where is spring?! why is it like 15ยบ and so freakin' windy on the first day of spring?!
.. of ways to draw crowds to the party deck this summer [after having the first-ever deck operations meeting today]

Listening to the NHL Network. & the washing machine. & the dryer. & the wind.

Obsessing over: my adorable nephew who turns 2 in eleven days.

Looking forward to: more blog posts, a fun party for my favorite almost-2-year-old, spring [wherever it's hiding], summer [which automatically includes baseball and no, its not too soon], and another half day of work on Friday.

Side note: I don't think most of you know what I do for work and I'm too lazy to go see if I've mentioned it in a post so, for those who may have or are wondering... I am a payroll analyst and am very fortunate to have the opportunity to work four 9-hour days in the office and have a half day (approx 4 hours) I can work from home each week. Generally our half days are on Thursday or Friday and we alternate based on department needs.

For more pictures of my cute nephew, hockey, iowa & other random things, follow me on instagram @lindseyschuler

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Obession [caffeine]

As said in my last post, I'm currently obsessing over caffeine. This is not new, however, the form of it is.

I'm not exactly sure when I started drinking coffee, but lately, I've found it difficult to go a day without Starbucks. Or a Mountain Dew or Coke. [Mountain Dew is likely to be a lifesaver during grueling payroll days].

While strolling down the baking aisle at Target one day, I came across this:

Starbucks. Caramel. Iced. Coffee. Just add water and milk. Wait, what? I was lured. And now, I'm addicted. I can't afford to go to Starbucks every day, but I think I can handle having Starbucks a little different every day. You can find these at Target: $7.29 for 6 packets. [I have yet to find them elsewhere. Let's be honest, I hardly shop elsewhere]. I think that beats spending roughly $4 for ONE drink in the drive-thru...

Friday, March 8, 2013


Working from home [on the couch + in sweats. until 10am, then my weekend begins. and yes, that means I will be going to boardwalk deli for lunch. if you live in the Cedar Valley and haven't experienced bd, go. you can will thank me later.]

Watching: the Today show.

Drinking: Starbucks.

Reading: The Happiness Project. again. & 10-10-10.

Obessing Over: 'The Streak' [Chicago Blackhawks]. Nike sweats with pockets & comfy sweatshirts. caffeine. home DIY projects. [more on all this later!]

Looking forward to: spring cleaning, warm weather & seeing Luke.

I was intending to write a 'deep' post today, but nothing makes sense and who wants to read scrambled thoughts? Here's hoping this much-needed weekend brings some clarity...

Happy Friday all!