Thursday, February 9, 2012


For some reason, while I was at Menards this afternoon [searching for a those still exist?!] I decided to pick up a couple paint samples. My grandma suggested it a couple weeks ago and I finally gave in today.

Spanish Tile.

I painted about two feet of the wall behind my garbage can and then to the right of the stove, underneath my cabinets. It's not fully dry and it's just one coat, but I think I like it. I think.

Stonewall Jackson.

I DO like this one. I painted where my dining table sits, and also where I [for now] have a huge picture above it.

So after Round 1 of painting, I took an unnecessary trip to Target.

I spent twice more than what I wanted to and got seriously upset when I asked for a Caramel Brulee Latte at Starbucks and was told "we no longer have that, it's seasonal." Uh, alright then..can I have a Caramel Light? "Frappucino?" Sure. I was obviously confused and a little pissed, and even more so when I realized what I had agreed to order.

Round 2 of painting went much better. Then I decided to clean my kitchen and bathroom floor. At 9:30 PM, I was outside, shaking the sand and salt from my kitchen rugs. I swept before getting on my hands and knees to clean the floors.

If you know me at all, you should be thinking, "who is this girl and what has she done with Lindsey?"

Here I am. Wide awake at 11:30 PM, on a "work night" with a disaster of a kitchen /living room. At least my floors are clean.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Blogger App

You readers (if there are any!) are in trouble...

Yesterday morning, I decided I had had enough of my Blackberry. I was tired of it freezing when I opened Twitter and found it quite annoying when I tried going to a website other than Facebook or Gmail only for my phone to freeze yet one more time. The Tour got me through almost two years believe it or not.. so I was a little apprehensive about getting a Droid. And a touch screen. Ps, thank God for the "auto correct" options so I don't have to type the whole word all the time. ;)

So, I now have a Droid. The Motorola Electrify. And while it's going to take some getting used to, I've already downloaded the Pinterest app and now, the Blogger I can blog literally from anywhere, anytime. And since most of the pictures I post are taken on my phone, I might even love this app more than I'm expecting to!

Happy Sunday. Super Bowl Sunday! Go Giants. ;)