Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Guess Who's Back?

It's been awhile, eh?

Sadly this isn't my first blog post using those four words...  There has been some exciting moves in the years I've been away from this space. I've pondered different ways to document my thoughts and photos, and I keep coming back to this. I have always liked writing and am much better at expressing myself through words in a setting like this, regardless of who is reading. 

In a nutshell, there has been:  a heartbreaking & unexpected loss, too many school papers and projects to count, several road trips, mountains and valleys, changes and challenges, tears over things not turning out the way I planned or expected - many of which I later laughed about, my first trip to Florida, enough work trips that I could navigate to Horicon or Moline with my eyes closed, a for sale by owner on the first home I purchased (+ MANY headaches but an overall good experience, and no, I won't be doing that again), a diploma - a MBA diploma (finally!), and in THREE days... moving into a forever home with my best friend. Most of that has happened in just the past year alone! I can't wait to share more, but we have a condo to close on, an apartment to pack up & clean, a storage unit to pack into a U-Haul, a brand new house to close on, and a brand new home to move into. There's sure to be some good laughs & snaps in the next few days and I. can't. wait.

Here's how beautiful the view was last night - more progress on my Instagram (@lindseyschuler).

Now if I could just pick up photography - surely a Canon captures better blog photos than my smartphone... ;)